Offshore Bonds & Investment Opportunities

Offshore Bonds

Offshore Bonds can provide you with a WIDER CHOICE of investment opportunities, higher growth and legally minimise your tax liabilities

We’ll help dispel the myth that offshore bonds are only suitable for wealthy clients, and how recent reforms are opening up this flexible investment opportunity to a whole new market.

There are many advantages for the  investor  looking to diversify their investment portfolio offshore,  normally implemented with an offshore bond. This is a wrapper through which you can hold several investment funds such as unit trusts & open up ended investment companies, OEICs .

Our Offshore Investment Planning Service will help balance YOUR Investment risk with the potential for greater returns, whilst ensuring you benefit from mitigating all allowable taxation.

Here are some of the clients who could benefit for our service

          Who Could Benefit            The Potential Benefits

  • You are a parent/grandparent planning for child university fees.
  • Your an Expat and are expecting to move or work abroad in the future.
  • You are a high earning UK tax payer earning more than 100k per year.
  • Your A Trustee of a Discretionary Trust
  • You have a large sum to invest – over £1,000,000

  • Reduce tax liabilty when cashing in, flexible access – improve returns.
  • Portable investments with flexible access, minimise tax, improve returns.
  • Flexibilty on who inherits and how much whilst reducing your IHT.
  • Portable investments with flexible access, minimise tax, improve returns.
  • Reduce the tax you pay, control risk & increase investment returns
We have the discipline to translate your investment plan into manageable pieces and then make sure that all of the pieces are implemented and come to life.

Offshore bonds will be of benefit if you have currently used up any additional tax-efficient vehicles, such as a pension allocation or (ISA) individual savings account. They will be really useful for anyone who may move or retire overseas.

  Tax Efficiency


  Risk Management


Help is at hand

We will assist you in minimising the tax you need to pay if you cash in your bond.  For instance, you may be a higher-rate taxpayer today but when retired may be paying a reduced rate of tax when you cash in.  On the other hand, you might assign the actual bond to someone on a lower tax bracket to lessen the taxes liability.

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