Can I Sell My Pension Under 55?


Can I sell my Pension under 55?


Firstly, it is illegal to take money out of a pension fund before you reach the age of 55.

By Strategic Development Director Equity SMART

This is despite all the information you may find online telling you different through many dubious offers of cash backs, loans and all sorts of offshore schemes – with little attention paid to the pension rules and consequences to you.

But don’t take our word for it. See what this recent update from the Pensions Regulator says with regard to pension release before the age of 55.

The Pension Schemes usually claim to be able to access your pension before the age of 55 and do this through overseas transfers, overseas investments or by way of a loan from your existing arrangement. All versions can incur high fees, potential charges and penalties from HMRC and they stray into illegal dealings when concerning pensions. Not only that, but they leave the consumer with little or no pension provision in retirement.

So – you might now be wondering if there is any way in which you can cash in some or all of your pension before you reach 55. For most people – it’s a straight ‘no’.

The cases in which it can legally occur are based on a few specific individual circumstances.

One of these is the unfortunate predicament of having to retire early due to ill health for example having a terminal illness. Or it may be due to a pension scheme that relates to a specific form of employment – for instance in the armed forces, or professional football – where the career-spans are relatively short.

Or it might be that you bought a specialised pension scheme that contains a right to access the cash from the age of 50. They do exist –

So it’s well worth checking through the terms and conditions of your pension plan and we would recommend that you get in touch with your own pension provider to discuss your options.  

But what are the potential consequences to consumers who transfer their pension and release via these unregulated companies?

  • Individuals are likely to be poorer in retirement. This is based on both the impact of releasing cash and the potential of high losses on the balance of the pension pot which has been eroded by unnecessary high charges.
  • They may also face substantial tax charges and penalties from HMRC. These would be based on generous tax reliefs having been misused on pensions already built up.
  • Still not convinced? please see latest consumer advice leaflet it has all the detail you need to know.

So we know the position for those under age 55 – but what about everyone else?

That’s what understanding pension release is all about… balance

We understand it’s a tough economy with the finances of many consumers stretched to the limit. In these times of need you may find yourself tempted to reach out to almost anyone who is saying that they can offer help.

This is certainly the case with unregulated online pension release companies who are working outside the rules by offering what appear to be legitimate schemes to unlock cash from your pension while you are under the age of 55 – leaving you with no protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

So has this got you worrying about the pension scheme you’re currently in?

It could be that you are one of the scant few people in a position to withdraw money from your pension prior to your 55th birthday. Or you may now be holding onto your pension ready to set it free on the big day! But is that really the right choice for you?

Take a look at your current pension scheme. If you want to improve on poor investment returns and reduce unnecessary charges that are eroding your pension pot – then maybe a pension transfer is a wiser option for you at this stage.

We can help by analysing your current plan alongside others that are out there – and see if we can find you a better return. Our experienced and personal touch means it’s a lot easier to achieve than you might think – so why not get in contact and see how a pension transfer could potentially set you up for a better future.

So – given all the stories in the media and the information outlined above, you might be coming to the conclusion that a pension release is a bad choice for everyone – but that is simply not the case.

If you are over 55 – it could be good news!

Unlocking cash from your pension can be an excellent opportunity to make a real difference towards making you more financially secure, at a time in your life when you need it most.

What we are about to tell you is NOT “theory”, unregulated or illegal. These are practical, reliable strategies proven to help you release cash from your pension today that can change your life for the better.

In order to qualify for Pension Release, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be aged between 55 and 75
  • You must have pension benefits other than your State Pension
  • You cannot be in receipt of these pension benefits already
  • You pension benefits cannot relate to your current employer

If you have answered YES to these Criteria…

Then you may be interested in the extraordinary opportunity to  release up to 25% of your pension fund in cash – money that you can use for any number of reasons:

Paying off debt. Paying a lump sum off a mortgage. A dream holiday. Or maybe to pay for a family wedding…

Of course the list is endless in the practical application of your new found cash but we find that clients experience much more than this – they achieve one or any number of the following things.

  • The beginning of a fresh start and the antidote to experiencing less hassle, strain, anxiety and aggravation in their lives.
  • Having the choice to change life for the better – possibly choosing to work less thanks to now being able to top up other employed income.
  • Ensuring they don’t miss out on important time with their family, children and grandchildren.
  • Changing their future through financial liberty that provides true freedom.
  • Being able to do more things that you wanted to do but never had the time or income.

Pension Release doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We work hard all our lives to give us nice things to look forward to, and you should ask yourself whether you’ll get more enjoyment from releasing money early rather than leaving it in a pension fund.

Some of those dreams may be be restricted in the later years, possibly due to ill health or family commitments.

So… you have a golden box worth 25% of your pension pot available now after being locked away for years.

The only thing to do now is find a trustworthy advisor who will not only safely release the money you need if suitable, but will work extremely hard to manage the money you have left in your pension so you can still retire with the knowledge that you won’t be left short.

You’ll be so glad that you didn’t wait until you were 65 to make the most of your pension and realise your dreams now while you still have them!

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