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Are you looking to discover if your pensions are performing and on track to meet your retirement goals? If you’re after the fastest, easiest and most secure way to get picture of what your fund will look like in retirement…Your in the right place.

Is Your Future Financially Secure?

We don’t claim to have a crystal ball and certainly the world has undergone an extreme form of financial stress, which is why knowing if you are on track to meet your retirement goals becomes not a minor benefit, but a crucial necessity for people and pensions of all types and sizes.


So what does this mean to you?


At no time in recorded history has the need for balanced, objective financial advice been more crucial. Which, quite frankly is why you should invest some time with us to get your FREE updated Pension forecast.


Our Pension Forecast can help you if you are in a personal pension – final salary company pensions – Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) – group personal pension and executive pensions.


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Our pension forecast will determine:

  • Your current fund size and projected values to your retirement.
  • What your dependents can expect to receive
  • The investment returns needed to meet your goals.
  • The impact of charges on your pension pot.
  • Help you track down missing or lost pensions.
  • Ensure your pension is as tax efficient as it should be.
2o years established – that counts in pensions
This year, 2017, sees us reach our 20 year anniversary. In all that time we’ve seen real changes in the financial market, but our core values have forever remained the same. Put simply, we’ve always striven to offer unbiased and objective financial advice, with a view to protecting and enhancing our client’s wealth and sense of well-being. Welcome to our conversation.
Our Promise
We stand for honesty – advice – trust and value.  Our culture and people matter regarding what you can expect from us. We promise you this the team that makes Investor London work will be centred on you. We believe in treating clients like family, so you can be confident that we’ll give you the same advice we would give to our own relatives.
Our Pension Forecast can help you if you are in:

  1. A Personal Pension – Private pensions in your name, where you pay money in, you receive tax relief on contributions your pay.
  2. A Self Invested Pension Transfer if you are looking to take control of your pension funds and make investment decisions.
  3. Final Salary pension and are looking to transfer – These pensions are sometimes known as a Defined Benefit Scheme.
  4. A Defined Contribution or an Occupational Money Pension. Whereby both you and your employer contribute to your own pension fund.
  5. A Group Personal Pension set up and controlled by you employer with no investment choice or flexibility.
  6. An Executive Pension that may be set up on an older style of higher charges & fees that are eroding your pensions pot
Our Investment Philosophy – Get Rich Slowly
We believe in a “Get Rich Slowly” philosophy through a “passive investment” approach to purchasing investments. This we believe is the right choice for the majority of investors who are seeking more peace of mind, when looking to achieve sustained performance over the longer term.

  • Passive investment is the rational, mathematically proven route to investing success.
  • Our investment strategies are focused on your risk profile, well researched, efficient and low maintenance.
  • We look to keep your costs low through longer term appreciation, reduced maintenance and look to avoid unnecessary trading.
  • Ensure you are not over exposed at any time through wide diversification of your asset classes.
  • We provide regular reviews and rebalancing when required or on a 6 monthly or yearly basis.

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Explain Options

We’ll explain all the options available to you, discuss both the pros & the cons and then make a  written pension forecast. We have your best interests at heart.

If You Proceed

All the paperwork is arranged for you and processed quickly & efficiently. Throughout this process we’ll always be in touch, keeping  you in the loop and up to date.
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M Patterson,

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It’s all so simple. To book a chat with our pension forecast expert, click the link.

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